This guide describes how to use @aleohq/sdk with AlphaZK API service


aleohq/sdk does not support authentication. Since the AlphaZK API service requires authentication we created a simple reverse proxy to handle the authentication for aleohq/sdk.


  • AlphaZK API key (Can be obtained by registering at here)
  • Ubuntu 22.04 (Can be another Debian-based Linux distro)
  • auth-proxy from AlphaZK
  • Git CLI
  • Bun (

Install & run auth-proxy

Follow these steps to install and run auth-proxy.

Install Bun:

curl -fsSL | bash

Clone auth-proxy repository:

git clone
cd auth-proxy

Install node_modules:

bun install

Create .env file:

mv env_dist .env

Edit .env file:

Run auth-proxy:

bun run index.ts

At this point, you can use the http://localhost:3033/v1 as your Aleo API endpoint. The auth-proxy will take care of the authentication.


The above workaround is only viable for a development environment. For production deployments; Kong, Nginx or similar software should be used as a reverse proxy.